Billy Renkl Illustration

Alphabet book
For a story about a girl who visits New York City for the summer
Mailer representing children’s services
“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”
Illustration for state quarters album
Girl in Jungle
Illustrations for The Great Birthday Race
Distracted by, Enveloped by, Inebriated by the Sweetness of Honey
Longing for Another (some other) Chance
Life (and other) Lines
A Certain Harvest (for the Winter)
Signs and Wonders: Eclipse
Repairing and Repairing
Nest Egg
The Tetragrammaton: Y H V H
Typecast: A, B, AB, O
These Few Things: earth, air, fire, water
The End: famine, pestilence, death, war
The Order of the Day: morning, afternoon, evening, night
A Time for Every Purpose: spring, summer, fall, winter
Humor Me: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, black bile
An Album of Quartets cover page
A Girl Reading A Love Letter
Haec Nox Est (This is the Night): after Laurie Anderson, #3
Untitled (mountain landscape)
Portrait of Currency Speculator I
Ripeness is All
Ideal landscape #1
A Prince of the Empire
A Foreign Country #5
Untitled (bird in a thicket)
Plan for a garden/portrait of my son
Untitled (fig tree)
Untitled Specimen
Forest Floor
Soil Survey
Untitled leaves (stone and quick)
Field (second version)
Untitled (Birdsong at dawn)
Lexicon #3
Lexicon #4
Untitled (map with flowers and fruit)
New and Modern; Distinctly Original; Styled with Dignity….
Untitled (telescope weaving stories)
Deus Ex Machina
Locket (remember me)
Polis IV
Untitled (telescope tower)
The Industrialist Attempts to Manufacture Longing
December 2, 1840: the thought of Walden
April 3, 1852: the bluebird
September 18, 1859: one advantage of a man’s dying
December 13, pm, 1859: what a spectacle the subtle vapors (#2)
July 16, Wednesday, 1851: I was all alive
January 6, 1838: without fail
May 21, 1851: the standing miracle
July 25, 1838: and thoughts flow
September 20, 1851: the most worldly-minded
November 11, 2pm, 1851: that blue mountain on the horizon
November 12, 1851: as many distinct plants (#2)
November 12, 1851: as many distinct plants (#1)
August 28, 1851 (but the eyes to see)
June 13, 1851 (a distant river)
November 11, 1850 (as much life)
Thursday, March 31, 1842 (the curls of a maiden’s hair)
April, 1839 (drifting)
October 24, 1847
Field Notes
Adam in Eden
Anatomy, Viscera
Portrait of St. Phocas the Gardener
Dreaming of the Child He Would Have